Itinerary - 2 weeks

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Bombay>Bhopal> Bombay
Bombay Aurangabad by afternoon plane
Night 1 Aurangabad at Taj Hotel
Day 1 Visit Ellora and Aurangabad town
Night 2 Aurangabad Taj Hotel
Day 2 Visit Ajanta in the early morning, 45 min from Aurangabad
Pack lunch, Continue by car to Burhanpur, 3 hrs drive
Night 3 Burhanpur, Ambar Hotel
Day 3 Visit Burhanpur in the morning. On the way to Maheshwar,visit Asir Garh Fort,30 minutes drive, pack lunch
Continue on to Maheshwar, 3 hours drive
Night 4 Maheshwar, Ahilya Fort
Day 4 Visit Maheshwar
Night 5 Maheshwar, Ahilya Fort
Day 5 Visit Omkareshwar, 1:15 drive
Pack lunch or return to Ahilya Fort
Night 6 Maheshwar, Ahilya Fort
Day 6 Visit Mandu, 1:15 hour drive, Picnic in a historic site
Night 7 Maheshwar, Ahilya Fort
Day 7 Visit Bakawa, 1:15 car and 30 min boat
Night 8 Maheshwar: Ahilya Fort
Day 8 Drive to Indore, Rashid Kothi home stay, 2 rooms. Visit Indore
Night 9 Indore, Rashid Kothi
Day 9 Visit Indore
Night 10 Indore, Rashid Kothi
Day 10 Visit Ujjain
Night 11 Car [4 hours) or plane to Bhopal; Jehan Numah Palace Hotel
Day 11 Visit Bhopal
Night 12 Bhopal, Jehan Numah Palace Hotel
Day 12 Visit Sanchi
Night 13 Bhopal, Jehan Numah Palace Hotel
Day 13 Bhopal, visit Bhimbetka and Udaygiri
Night 14 Bhopal, Jehan Numah Palace Hotel
Day 14 Flight Bhopal Bombay